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Projected to grow more than 17 percent before 2022, the industrial cleaning industry is expanding faster than the job outlook average. If you are a quick learner, and a hard but safe worker, you would be a good candidate for industrial cleaning jobs in Savannah and cities alike.

Job Description

Industrial cleaning employees are responsible for cleaning the industrial machinery for various companies. This means they clean the interior and exterior of process and non-process machines. Decontamination and demolition are aspects of industrial cleaning, because hazardous waste must be removed from a facility before it is usable again. Types of cleaning for this job can include steam cleaning, sand blasting, surface washing and so much more.

However, there are positions that have more defined responsibilities, such as food grade industrial cleaning. Your job, in this particular position, would be to remove food from contact surfaces. By doing so, you are eliminating harmful bacteria from food preparation areas and preventing cross contamination.

Waste management is also considered an industrial cleaning jobs in Savannah, as it would be your job to assist companies in properly disposing of their waste. Oftentimes, large factories can produce hazardous material, which needs to be disposed of in a specific way to protect the environment. You would have the knowledge and tools in order to complete this job properly.

Your job as an industrial cleaner would be important to a large number of people: those who are working on the machines and those who are indirectly effected by those workers. You would be protecting your community by keeping industrial spaces clean and safe.

Featured Employers

Located just outside of Savannah, Georgia in Richmond Hill is MPW Industrial Services. They also offer a variety of positions in the industrial cleaning industry.

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