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Company Name: Young Adult Guidance Center
Company Address: 1230 Hightower Rd
YAGC, YAGC Atlanta GA 30318
United States of America
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Position Available: Residential Counselor/Manager
Description of Position: a) Assist the social service staff in implementing residential life skills training to adolescent in a
congregated environment.
b) Assist the social service staff with all residents program enrollment, intake, client orientation to
program policies, budgeting and tracking clients were bouts (calling client’s job etc.)
c) Responsible for conducting group workshop act1v1t1es that concern the total congregated
environment. These workshops will concern issues that will identify problems in the environment
and recommend solutions for the implementation of smooth program operation.
d) Implementing a daily residential living agenda/task schedule up to bed time procedure.
Management staff will be solely responsible to keep the resident in peaceful order at all time.
They will reinforce the rule and regulations of the residential program environment at all times.
e) Document all incidents in the required tracking forms used for management operation as outline
in the operational manual. Staff will also be responsible to make daily verbal contact with social
service, and administrative staff concerning issues of imp ortance .
f) Responsible for monitoring the units regul arly , outside and inside for any irregular activities.
Staff will police the premises and supervise residents and outreach consumers to keep the facility
clean at all times. Assist the resident/client in completing his assigned chores and check over for
except able performance in completing the task. Monitor and report all resident behavior change
in the congregated environment.
g) Answer phones and assist the social service staff in completing incoming emergency calls for
services. Properly documenting, developing referral resources, making contact with social service
management staff for correct outcome measurement procedure for potential enrollee s , if needed .
h) Making sure individual personal care needs are met, such as food, clothing, transportation
(MARTA Cards or Tokens, toi le trie s , medication and many other items required to be distributed
by YAGC Management supervisors.
i) Primary counseling with consumers concerning individual issues they are faced with, and
informing clinical staff about these issues. Verbal contact with staff and documentation of all
incidents in client’s folder/files is a must.
Phone for Applicants to Call: (404)792-7616