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Company Name: Labor Staffing, Inc.
Company Address: 2909 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216
United States of America
Position Available: Laundry Attendant
Description of Position: We are currently taking applications for Laundry Attendants. If you are interested please apply with your resume. Basic Tasks:
•Collect dirty clothes and beddings used by guests and prepare for washing.
•Separate laundry according to color.
•Wash the dirty clothes in washing machines.
•Dry the washed clothes before transferring to the ironing area.
•Iron and fold dried clothes and deploy to the designated rooms or areas.
•Assist customers with laundry issues such as stains and faded colors.
•Maintain the cleanliness of the laundry area.
Phone for Applicants to Call: 615-933-0500