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Most industries in the nation offer a wide variety of positions, from technicians and designers to managers and more. If you are looking for a job where there is room to move up, industrial jobs in Savannah and cities alike could be the solution for you.

Job Description

Because there are so many different types of industrial jobs, these are only a few of them described in detail. If these aren’t the types of positions you are looking for, understand that there are more options for you in the industrial job market, in order to build the career that you desire.

Industrial engineering technicians are needed in almost every field. In this position, you would be responsible for the maintenance of your industry’s engineering, to ensure the most efficient manufacturing. For this job, you won’t necessarily need a degree or any job related experience. More often than not, the engineering staff will be able to train you, so that you understand how the machines work and how to keep them running.

Industrial machinery mechanics have similar responsibilities to that of industrial engineering technicians. This job would require you to maintain and repair factory equipment and other machinery so that production can continue safely and efficiently. These positions are expected to grow more than 17 percent by 2022 and most often require minimal training.

Those who work for shipping and receiving keep track of the incoming and outgoing shipments. Additionally, in this job, you would prepare items for shipping by assembly and addressing, and organizing shipments that come in. The job outlook for this position will remain consistent throughout the years, so you could rely on your job to support you financially.

Featured Employers

In Savannah, Tech USA has opportunities for industrial engineering technicians, where you would get to work with machinery, ensuring that it is running properly. If you are looking for a position in the shipping and receiving industry, B&B Warehousing and Logistics in Savannah has full-service warehousing that deals mostly with shipping and freights.

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