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If you are looking to choose your specific career from a broad number of paths, janitorial jobs in Savannah could be the best option for you. These types of careers do not often require higher education or large amounts of training. You would be able to start working, and supporting yourself financially, almost immediately.

Job Description

From keeping buildings clean and orderly to special cleaning services, you have several options available to you when considering janitorial jobs in Savannah. Because there are so many different kinds of janitorial positions, here are only a few of them described in detail.

Most janitorial positions include the responsibilities of cleaning commercial and government buildings, such as offices, schools and hospitals. You would learn how to use special cleaning tools and the proper way to clean specific areas in order to ensure you are completing the task in an efficient manner.

You can also choose to be employed by a vacuum truck service. These trucks are used to clean solid, sludge, dry and wet materials in industrial settings. High rail vacuum trucks perform similar duties, except these trucks run along the railway system, maintaining the cleanliness of railroads.

Working for a dust vacuum service is true to its name, as in this position, you would vacuum combustible dust off of industrial equipment. This type of dust can be dangerous, because high dust levels can cause fires and even explosions.

Most janitorial jobs provide you with the tools you need in order to complete the task at hand. By doing your job, you would be serving your community, making it a healthier and safer place to live.

Featured Employers

If you are looking for janitorial jobs in Savannah where you could work in buildings such as hospitals and schools, Jani-King has a wide range of jobs related to this field.

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