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Having a job as a roofer can provide you with the opportunity to work with your hands while making a decent salary. Roofing jobs in Savannah are common, as the booming city has roofs of all shapes and sizes on both residential and commercial buildings.

Job Description

If you chose this career path, you would learn how to install new roofs, make replacements, inspect damage and assist in emergency repairs. This can be a rewarding job, as many people worry if the roof over their head is damaged. You would be able to provide your company’s clients with the assurance that their home is safe for their families to live in. This particular kind of contracting is projected to grow 11 percent before 2022.

Roofing repairs consist of assessing any damage done to the roof of a building, and replacing any ruined materials. This job can be considered an emergency service in some cases, as roofs are susceptible to damage during intense storms.

On average, residential homes should have their roofs replaced once every twenty-or-so years. Replacing an entire roof can be a time consuming task, and you would most likely have a number of coworkers working alongside you. This job can also be very dangerous, which is why it is important to follow standard, safety procedures when working.

As opposed to traditional, asphalt roofs, there is a rise in popularity for vegetative roofs, which can consist of landscaping materials. These special covers usually have layers of waterproof material, on which soil is laid and vegetation is planted. Additionally, it is the roofer’s job to ensure that the roof will not leak or cave in.

The busiest weeks for roofers usually are during the summertime, and in Georgia, that means that it is extremely hot work. If you were to choose this as your career, be prepared to remain hydrated while on the job.

Featured Employers

Popular and well-reviewed, Roof Crafters in Savannah area offer a large number of services for residential and commercial roofing. Similarly, Atlanta Roofing Contractors cater to the large metro-Atlanta area, repairing and maintaining the roofs of residential homes.

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