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Working with trees can be a rewarding experience, whether you are removing or planting them. Because of Georgia’s lush forests, there are between 550 and 1,220 tree service men and women who only trim and prune trees, alone. Tree service jobs in Savannah offer the potential to work with trees in a variety of ways, which can provide you with the career and lifestyle you desire.

Job Description

Among these different types of jobs centered around trees and tree care, you could be involved with removal, pruning, emergency or planting services.

When a tree is dead it can become hazardous to its surroundings, in which case, it would need to be taken down. Additionally, if a growing tree is overcrowding others, or if it is in the way of construction where trimming would not be enough, a tree might need to be removed. You would learn how to safely and properly remove trees in order to better the environment.

If a tree is pushing against wires, roofs, windows or other parts to a building, it could cause damage, especially if a bad storm were to hit. By properly trimming trees, you would be keeping the tree healthy and protecting your community at the same time.

When storms do hit, it is possible that trees or large limbs would fall, crashing into other trees, homes and various other structures. For emergency tree service jobs in Savannah, you would learn how to successfully remove these heavy pieces of wood to prevent further damage on buildings in your city.

Planting the proper trees for the climate and terrain can be a wonderful experience, as you would get to improve the environment in which you and your neighbors live.

Feature Employers

If you are interested in any of these positions, The Southern Tree Experts, based out of Savannah, offers all of these positions and more, to potential employees. However, if you are not looking for tree service jobs in Savannah, Superior Arbor Management (SAM) is based out of Cumming, Georgia and has these services, as well.

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