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There are managerial positions in almost every job imaginable. In 2014, there were more than 6.7 million managers employed in the United States, in a variety of fields. If you have strong leadership skills, work hard and adjust quickly, looking for management positions in Savannah could help you find your career.

Job Description

It can be difficult to be hired for a managerial position if you don’t have any previous experience in that particular field, but it is possible. Most companies like to hire managers from within the company by promoting a current employee, or they like to hire managers from other businesses who are looking for a change.

Being a manager means you have more responsibility in your daily tasks. Not only are you liable for your own actions, but for coworkers you oversee, as well. More often than not, you will have to give regular reports to those who are above you, and you will have to settle disputes between coworkers. While this job wouldn’t be easy, the rewards of helping run an effective team will more than make up for it.

Industrial production managers, for instance, will be on the floor, assuring that a good product is being put out at an efficient rate. They might also help with planning, budgeting and creating a work schedule. These types of jobs sometimes require a Bachelor’s degree and years of experience, but on-the-job training is usually minimal.

Another example of a managerial position would be a construction manager. These managers are usually on the job site, helping direct their team in the construction and maintenance of a structure. Budgeting, planning and scheduling are also typical parts of the construction manager’s responsibilities. The job outlook for this position is to grow 16 percent by 2022.

Featured Employers

Industrial production management positions in Savannah can be found in almost any factory which produces industrialized goods, such as ABM Industries, who has both service and manager positions available to potential employees. Choate Construction in Savannah also has a number of opportunities available, construction and manager positions alike.

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